Michelle Holdaway
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I am an experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique, an Advanced Kinesiologist and Matrix Energetics Practitioner, as well as a Reconnective Healing practitioner.

My services range from the more traditional, practical/physical aspects of dealing with stress, injury, trauma and personal well-being to the emotional, mental and spiritual/energetic side of personal growth and development.

All of the therapies I offer are those which I used in depth during my recovery from a life-changing car accident.

Each one, at the time I first came across them, felt absolutely right for me to experience, enjoy and benefit from. Whether taken individually or combined, they can pave the way to true healing - at the very core of your being. As time passes, resistance and tension lesson, freeing up energy for better health and can clarify and enhance any choices you may wish to make - experiencing life with joy is truly possible for anyone.

In this short video from The Institute of HeartMath one can understand the importance and significance of the heart's intuitive intelligence - something freely available to us. Awareness and presence can significantly help.

The Journey to being alive and well can be enjoyable and easier simply by making healthy choices.
You can make the impossible possible.
Journey consciously ...

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