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A truly holistic therapy ... a powerful, stimulating yet
relaxing way to achieve health and vitality
“Kinesis” is a Greek word meaning movement, so Kinesiology is fundamentally about movement and how our energy moves through us. Through Kinesiology, which combines Eastern and Western medicine, more can be learnt about the underlying reasons that are contributing to any imbalances or blockages in energy that may be experienced. These energy blockages can result in the symptoms we experience in our life, eg headaches, digestive disorders, lack of focus, depression, IBS and many more. Interestingly, although symptoms may be similar in many people, Kinesiology does not pigeon-hole anyone as each person’s reason and hence their session, is entirely unique to them.

I specialise in Creative Kinesiology.

This may appeal particularly to anyone interested in personal growth and their life journey - healing the past, expanding the Self in the present and moving forward with potential. It can greatly assist during times of change and transition. When we see life as a story, we can find the triggers to our problems or symptoms, understand and heal them. As this happens, we can be free to be fully ourselves and reach our full potential.

This process works by accepting and witnessing. If appropriate, it can be enhanced by using non-invasive healing techniques, some derived from Applied Kinesiology.

Please note that any form of Kinesiology is not meant to diagnose or treat symptoms. It is a process which can enhance and improve the innate healing ability of the body, helping it to regenerate and do what it is designed to do - return to balance and optimum health.

Please allow 1 to 1½ hours for a session.

For more information on any of the above, please click on the icons above or the following links - The Kinesiology Federation and School of Creative Kinesiology.

The Journey to being alive and well can be enjoyable and easier simply by making healthy choices.
You can make the impossible possible.
Journey consciously ...

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