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About Me

I am originally from Canada and have been living in the UK for over 25 years now. I used to work for a company called Sun Microsystems in Camberley until I was involved in a life-changing accident. I was a passenger in a car that was involved in a head-on collision.

This resulted in broken vertebra in my lower spine causing an overall alteration in my spinal alignment. After two years of physiotherapy and osteopathic sessions and numerous hospital visits, I was not experiencing the results in my rehabilitation that I was expecting. Whilst those therapies undoubtedly helped me to recover, I felt that in order to progress, I would need to seek alternative therapies. That is how I came across the Alexander Technique. At that time, I had lost my office job because sitting for the whole day was too much for my back to handle. This led me to think about methods in which I could improve my sitting.

After a few sessions, I learnt that the Alexander Technique was so much more than just a therapy to improve my posture. I began to consider becoming a teacher of this practice, rather than go back to the life I had before.

Through the years of training and working as an Alexander Technique teacher, I was introduced to numerous other alternative therapies that could further help my back and related hip and leg problems. Many of these I became specialised in and decided to incorporate into my own business and personal rehabilitation (as shown here on my website).

I am not going to over-exaggerate the effects these therapies had on my back trauma. It has taken me until recently to regain almost the same level of mobility I had before the accident. The remainder I put down to the fact that I have got older as well as to the sometimes negative and pessimistic feelings I have had. But as things are now, I am really pleased and so very grateful for the experience and this journey, AND to feel this good within my physical and mental well-being! This is most certainly down to the mixture of techniques, therapies and healing I undertook and can now offer to you.

The Journey to being alive and well can be enjoyable and easier simply by making healthy choices.
You can make the impossible possible.
Journey consciously ...

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